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 Growth Life Coaching in:
*Professional Development
*Personal Development
*Faith Journey

Here’s what impacted customers are saying about Growth Life:


“Katie's full of positive energy. She was very helpful in taking the goals we set together for me and breaking them down into manageable steps. Highly recommend her for personal or commercial dilemmas that you're facing.” 

–Marsha A.

"General life coaching with job role exploration. Helped me focus my efforts and yielded almost immediate results. I should have done this sooner." 


–Mike M.

"You're a beautiful soul and it shows through your genuine intent and compassion towards others.  Thank you for inspiring greatness in me." 

–Jared P.

“Katie!  You helped me through the most difficult time in my life.” 

–Denell B.

“Katie's life coaching strategies can help get your passion back, look at life in a different way, and create actionable steps to accomplishing goals.”

–Darin A.