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Growth Life Coach Katie Hindahl

Katie Hindahl a Leader and Certified Coach who specializes in how thoughts, beliefs and feelings impact life experiences.  Katie is a graduate of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and is currently training with Jack Canfield's Success Principles. Katie coaches full time for a health care provider and has helped hundreds of members discover their passion and internal motivation to reach their goals.

Katie's life purpose is to impact life change by influencing awareness and self-reflection by providing solution based support through empathy, goals and resource sharing to serve God and His people through love, faith and hope. 

Katie is gifted in emotional intelligence, non-verbal communication, and relationship strategies- using those skills to help her client’s achieve their goals. Katie’s own continuous personal and professional development allows her to empathize with the hard work that comes with life change. She leans on the strength of God through scripture, worship, and surrounding herself with respectful, positive and optimistic people.

Katie holds a Bachelors in Marketing and over 15 years of corporate comprehensive business experience.  She enjoys summertime in Minnesota, and living her faith out-loud. Katie’s dream is to one day open an Oasis retreat center in Florida for individuals to discover and deepen their relationship with Jesus in a way that results in a daily “retreat” mindset for everyday life.