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Growth Life FAQ (frequently asked questions)


Q. What is the value of Life Coaching with Growth Life?

A. That’s like asking, “What is the value of the life you want?” It’s hard to put a price tag on that. However the value of Growth Life coaching continues to provide value long after the coaching track ends. Once you have seen the results you have accomplished in reaching your goals, you will be able to apply and use the tools and guidance you received for the rest of your life. That’s valuable!


Q. Doesn’t life coaching take a long time?


A. Time is needed to shift behaviors and negative thought processes. A Life Coach is not a life-long coach.  Coaching with Growth Life you are designed to learn the skills you need and encouraged to graduate to your next growth opportunity. Growth Life offers month-to-month coaching designed to each client's needs. The ultimate goal is to help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be; and equip you to continue your life change on your own or the next stages of your development needs.


Q. What does a life coach do?

A. A life coach is your partner and teacher. Unlike a friend or family member, a life coach can take an objective and professional view of where you are at, helps you map out a plan of where you want to go, helps you define what is holding you back, and give you the tools and accountability to get you there. A life coach is uniquely trained in life change and they commit their time and talents to achieve results you won’t get on your own.


Q. How much time will I have to spend on this?

A. How much do you want to have impactful life change? Anything involving change in your life takes a time commitment. Your time commitment depends on the scope of the desired change. Some goals take a few hours of work a week, others require more.

Q. What if I tried it before and it didn’t work?

A. Its possible that: 

1. You weren’t ready to make the change yet. Life seasons, maturity, and circumstances can sometimes lend themselves to putting us in a change-resistant mode. It may not have been the right time for you for multiple reasons. It’s worth exploring if now is a better time to make impactful life change.

2. You didnt have the right life coach that fits your personality. Finding the right life coach is important. Growth Life believes that every success story starts with a good partnership between the client and the coach. Thats why Growth Life offers a complimentary session. It helps both parties determine if they will make good partners. .